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You will find yourself working your legs, arms, waist and abs, and the songs changed in pace which meant you will be training in fast and slow intervals too. Ultimately, You will be getting a great cardio workout that will burn up a lot of energy while using your whole body.

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Calorie and fat burning

Zumba classes provide a large calorie burn through aerobic activity done with interval training in mind

Improved coordination

you’ll definitely improve your coordination, which is extremely important to maintain as you grow older.

Full body workout

Zumba is both a dance class and a fitness class. Aside from its heart-health benefits, Zumba provides a workout for the whole body

Increased confidence

Thanks to all that dancing that a Zumba workout requires, you’ll lower your inhibitions, you’ll improve your posture, you’ll have better coordination and you’ll feel good about yourself

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